Estate & Tax Planning
We understand that true peace of mind can only come with the confidence that your lifetime of hard work and dedication rests in capable hands. Creating that confidence takes a deep understanding of your goals and expectations. We take the time to learn exactly what your individual goals and expectations are. You can always count on Amber R. Myrick, P.A. for intelligent strategy and a proactive approach for securing the future safety of your assets. Amber R. Myrick, P.A., will assist you in identifying the important aspects of your personal estate planning. An estate planning suite prepared by the team at Amber R. Myrick, P.A., will assist you in accomplishing your goals. Based on your input and stated goals, estate planning documents crafted by our experts will assist you in accomplishing your goals in an efficient manner while minimizing income and estate taxes. Estate planning is not stagnant because your goals, your net worth and the tax laws change. We will be able to assist you when a minor or major change is required in your plan. Every individual needs an estate plan. Amber R. Myrick, P.A. can help you accomplish those goals no matter the size of your estate.

Areas We Cover
Management and control of your property during your lifetime, during any period of incapacity and at death
Distributions to heirs and specific provisions for heirs that are minors or are incapacitated
Income tax and estate tax planning
Charitable giving
Estate and Trust Administration
Amber R. Myrick, P.A. will thoughtfully guide you through the estate and/or trust administration process. Our team will provide experience and advice when navigating the unfamiliar and oftentimes confusing estate and trust tax laws. We can provide simple or in-depth practical checklists to address your estate and trust administration questions. Our experts will assist you in navigating the probate process, preparing and filing estate and gift tax returns, fulfilling certain requests, settling debts, establishing, funding and administering trusts, as well as tax and regulatory compliance.
Areas We Cover
Prepare and file probate and administration petitions
Submit mandatory reports to the court, prepare formal and informal accountings, resolve creditors’ claims, and distribute estate and trust assets to named beneficiaries
Prepare and file federal and state estate tax returns, personal income tax returns and all required fiduciary income tax returns
Business Succession Planning
Amber R. Myrick, P.A. can efficiently and effectively create business plans that include general business succession planning, installment sales, centralized management and continuity in order to best achieve your goals and objectives, including the transfer of your assets to family members and/or charitable organizations.
Areas We Cover
Development of a succession plan
Entity formation
Transferring of assets and ownership
Complex estate planning
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